Jazz's story: “My fitness levels are at an all-time high & I’m no longer taking medication”

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From the age of 14 I struggled with my weight, and for years I fluctuated in size, especially after having my daughter.

About a year after having my daughter my mental health proved to be a big challenge for me. I was given medication for depression and anxiety. That's when my fluctuation in weight really started to show. One week I would be on top of the world, active and eating well. The next week I couldn't get out of bed and food didn't really cross my mind. 

All I wanted was to be happy and healthy, a good role model for my daughter, and to live a normal life.

The struggle with my mental health continued until 2017, when I was contacted by Josie, a wonderful woman running local Clubbercise classes. She was looking for help, and a mutual friend had recommended me based on my past interest in dance and fitness.

Josie was like a breath of fresh air. We had a chat and decided I was going to help with her classes, and work towards becoming qualified as an instructor. She was so positive and supportive.

Before I knew it, I was addicted to the music, the routines, the lights, and the impact Clubbercise had on the ladies’ lives. After a few months of taking part in sessions, I noticed I was losing weight and my fitness levels had dramatically improved. 

The best part was I was happy, so so happy, as I was getting those natural endorphins from the exercise. My energy levels and mental health were actually stable. The proof was there, Clubbercise works and it works well.

The next step was to become an instructor. I didn’t have the qualifications required to register on the Clubbercise instructor training course, so I had to do a level 2 fitness instructor qualification. 

When I finally did the Clubbercise course, something I never thought I would have the confidence to do, I loved it. The day was amazing and I met such lovely people. 

I just remember thinking to myself, “I have lost weight, I’m toned, my fitness levels are at an all-time high, and I’m no longer having to take medication as I’m getting a natural high from the exercise.”

My confidence was through the roof. I had closed one set of doors and opened another, I was on top of the world.

Jazz with Josies Team

Now, with amazing support from Josie, I'm running 4 classes a week around Portsmouth as part of her team of instructors, and I'm finally getting to help women get fit, feel good and be motivated.

Just like me, I just needed that tiny push, that one person to tell me I can do it, and I'm doing it well.

What I lacked in motivation and confidence, I'm certainly making up for now and I'm embracing the fact that I'm finally happy with my weight and I'm maintaining it.

There is honestly not one class where I don't walk away feeling proud of the effort and hard work my ladies put into each and every session. I know that they’re getting that same feeling I did, and, before they know it, they will notice changes and start to be happy with the results.

What more could you want, knowing you helped motivate someone into making those changes and helping them feel happy with the way they look. 

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