Clubbercise wins major fitness industry award

Community Fitness Awards

Clubbercise has just been named Best Dance Brand for a second time at the National Community Fitness Awards. The awards ceremony was held on Saturday 13th November 2021 and around 400 people attended both online and in person at the live event in Newcastle.

Organiser of the awards, Claire Goodliff from the Community Fitness Network, says “The Community Fitness Awards were set up to recognise the impact which instructors and brands have on the communities around the UK. Millions of people lead more active lives because of them, and their dedication to their participants is inspirational.”

Clubbercise also recently won Best Dance Fitness Concept at the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards for the second year running and Clubbercise Presenter & Choreographer Jo Michaels was named Fitness Presenter of the Year at the FitPro Awards 2021.

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder, says “After a really challenging 18 months these awards couldn’t have come at a better time! Going forward into 2022 we’ll be continuing to help both our community instructors and fitness facilities grow successful Clubbercise classes. We’ve got lots planned for the new year to raise awareness and increase participation, including running regular sessions at Butlin’s Big Weekenders”

5 top tips for exercising safely with a health condition

Anna Martin, 39, personal trainer & Clubbercise Master Trainer, says:

I have S-curve scoliosis (2 x 45 degrees) and exercise has changed my life. Without it, I would still be taking painkillers on a daily basis.

Here are my 5 tips for exercising safely with a health condition:

1 – Learning to adapt. Some weeks you'll feel amazing and be able to train like a ninja, other weeks you'll have to dial it back. As you learn more about your body & exercise in general, your adaptability (and confidence) will skyrocket. Take it slowly, noting which movements trigger pain/discomfort and don't be afraid to stick with movements that improve your confidence. Confidence is half of our battle.

2 – Noticing your instructor's 'layers' – when we teach Clubbercise, we always offer a lower impact/slower alternative before we offer the high-impact moves. This is standard across the majority of group exercise classes and it ensures that class participants can do most of the same moves altogether..... but at the level each person is most comfortable at. Keep your eyes open for the movements that fit best with your body and carry on with what feels right for you, your instructor just wants you to have a great time and an effective workout, they will not mind if you stay low impact!

3 – Don't get cross with yourself – I've been there, sitting in the car crying after a workout because I couldn't do what I wanted to do. It can be frustrating as hell. The flipside is that sticking with it and learning to appreciate your body for what it CAN do will be one of the most rewarding things you've ever done. The feeling when you manage to do something new for the first time is life-changing and you will appreciate it so much more than someone who hasn't faced your challenges.

4 – Don't compare yourself – Yep, I know, the person next to you is doing the most impressive squat clean the world has ever seen. That might never be you, real talk, but there will be so many other cool things you CAN do that will leave you wanting to pat yourself on the back on the way to the changing room. You are awesome, exactly the way you are.

5 – Ask a professional – It goes without saying that you will be consistent with your physio/rehab. After physio, the best thing I ever did was to invest in a knowledgeable personal trainer. He was the first person who opened my eyes to what I was truly capable of, by working around my back and helping me to be patient with myself. With patience comes understanding and that understanding will allow you to be more dedicated and consistent, despite whatever injuries or conditions you are facing.

Comic Relief festival raises over £45,000

 Clubbercise ComicRelief RockChoirWeekend

Clubbercise was recently invited to take part in a weekend-long virtual festival to raise money for Comic Relief.

The festival was organised by Rock Choir, the largest contemporary choir in the world. Choir members and the general public were invited to purchase tickets with all profits going to Comic Relief, so far over £45,000 has been raised.

More than 400 people took part in the Clubbercise session with instructor Linzi Matthews from Liverpool, which is believed to be the biggest online Clubbercise class to date.

Festival-goers were also able to take part in a workout with Mr Motivator, a singing workshop with Gary Wilmot MBE and lots of other activities including cocktail making and dancing. The weekend culminated in a live, socially distanced, concert finale filmed at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Ali Styles, Relationship Fundraising Manager for Comic Relief said: "The money raised by will help some of the most vulnerable people in the UK and around the world find safety and support – and turn their lives around."


Courtney's Story: "I started at the back of the room, now I'm front and centre"

CourtneyBowen Australia Blog

"In 2017 three things happened. My daughter got married, I found out I was going to be a Nanna and I discovered I had been suffering from undiagnosed anxiety. The diagnosis led to a month off work and a year spent working with a Psychologist. 

These three things were instrumental in me coming to terms with the fact that I need to make changes because I was excessively overweight and very unhappy.

Two years later I'd lost over 50kg but I found that last 30kg very difficult. I joined a local gym and during my assessment I told the trainer that I liked dancing around my lounge to burn off some calories. She recommended a workout called Clubbercise and pointed out I could do the class in the dark with glow sticks to dance music. Of course, I went to the very next class and have been to just about every session since.

The freedom of exercising/dancing in the dark to cool music is so liberating for me. Through this class I lost my extra 30kgs and my cardio fitness went through the roof! 

My instructor, Emily, made me feel welcome from the beginning. I started at the back of the room, now I'm front and centre.

At 50, I'm now studying my Certificate III in Fitness and have completed the Clubbercise training course. It's a dream come true and I'm so excited for my future, I can't wait to bring this amazing class to more people in Adelaide."



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