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NEW merch released including Clubbercise gymsack

We've just release our first Clubbercise gymsack and four brand new tops!

Our two breathable INSTRUCTOR tops are exclusively for Clubbercise licence holders.


NewMerch Nov18 Collage 

Guest Blog: How Jen got glowing again after depression diagnosis

Jen's Story: 

17 year old Jen shares her story on World Mental Health Day: 10/10/18.

Joining Clubbercise was one of the first big steps that I took after being diagnosed with Depression in order to create some sort of meaning for myself.

My Clubbercise journey started in January this year when I messaged my local instructor Anna to find out more information. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I’m lucky enough to have a friend, Lou, who was just as intrigued by the concept as me... and now we are IN LOVE with both the activity and the 'Glow Family' we have been adopted by!

Jen and her glowfamily

There are no words to describe how I feel when I walk into the room and know that I can just be Jen for an hour.

My mental illness turned me into someone who I have never seen as my true self... I changed from a super bubbly and outgoing person to someone who was extremely anxious and unmotivated.

However, Clubbercise offers me the opportunity to be exactly who I am, and feel exactly how I feel with no judgement, but also leaves me feeling AMAZING every single time!

I've gained so much confidence that I surprise myself sometimes - I started at the back of the class but now frequent the front row... 2017 Jen would never have believed it.

Clubbercise really is ‘exercise in disguise’. I mean, where else can you cover your face in UV paint and glitter whilst waving around glow sticks and singing your heart out to 90’s classics in ridiculously brightly patterned leggings without feeling even the tiniest bit out of place?!

Jen Guest blog

The idea that the class is done in the dark is what caught my attention to begin with... there’s no need to worry about how silly you may look, only how great you feel! I never laugh or smile as much at any other point of the week as I do within ‘glow time’ - Thursdays are now my favourite day of the week.

Exercise has never really been a passion of mine, but Clubbercise has been the main contributor to the positive flip in attitude that I’ve experienced this year.

It kickstarted my obsession with fitness and simply finding a purpose to get through the week. I often find that I tell myself ‘as long as you get through to Thursday, you will be okay’ and that is all down to the class itself and the wonderful people involved!

Previous to walking through the door for the first session, I had nothing that would entice me out of the house, sometimes out of bed. Now, I jump at the mention of extra classes and I manage to get through the week, even when I feel at my lowest, because I know that Clubbercise is what makes me feel alive… Clubbercise is my happy and safe space.

I was told by someone not too long ago that "you need to find something that is worth living for, something to help you make the right decision on your darkest days". Although it’s cheesy, Clubbercise is just that for me and I think that if it wasn’t for the class itself, my instructor Anna, and my friend Lou, I wouldn’t be here anymore. Dramatic, but oh so true.

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Guest blog: I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise

Clare's Story: 

I don't think anyone, except my close family, can truly understand what a miracle it is that I'm voluntarily doing regular exercise.

clare davies blog

I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise. I walk if I have to and swim on holiday if the water is warm enough. That's it.

To me, going to a gym sounds like torture. So to find a class that I will go to each week, sometimes twice a week now, really is a miracle.

I've always loved music and dancing but am not very coordinated so dance classes have never appealed.

When a group from work suggested we try out a local Clubbercise class I thought I'd give it a go - a dance exercise class with glow sticks in the dark intrigued me.

I loved it. I went home that evening and surprised my husband and kids by saying I liked it and wanted to go again.

I'm still not very coordinated but I'm getting better.

It doesn't matter if you're fit or not, young or old, as long as you're moving and sweating who cares?

You're encouraged at whatever level you can do. Go for it. Give it a try. It's like being 21 again, on holiday in Ibiza but without the hangover. Brilliant fun!

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Clubbercise Continues to Expand at Virgin Active Thailand!

Our global #GlowTeam continues to grow as Virgin Active expand their Clubbercise offering across Thailand.

At the end of July our Australia-based Master Trainer Jade flew to Bangkok to train more instructors, this included employees from the newly opened Virgin Active club in Chiang Mai.

This marks our third visit to Thailand, the first training course took place in January 2016 and included instructors from Virgin Active Bangkok and Singapore. Since then, our clubbing workout has grown in popularity and there are now over 40 instructors certified to teach Clubbercise at Virgin Active across South East Asia.

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder and Brand Director says “It’s so exciting to see Clubbercise expanding globally. I was lucky enough to attend a class in Bangkok recently and the atmosphere was INCREDIBLE! Our training team have done a fantastic job translating the brand to the instructors over in East Asia and I'm looking forward to supporting our newest recruits on their Clubbercise journey”

The latest training course took place on 28 July at Virgin Active Siam Discovery, where 10 instructors were trained and assessed. The course was organised by our newest team member, David Lewis, ex-CEO of Les Mills Asia Pacific, whose role at Clubbercise was recently announced across industry press and media as he comes on board to help Clubbercise meet the huge demand for more Clubbercise classes in Australia and Asia. 

Bangkok 28July18




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