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Guest blog: I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise

Clare's Story: 

I don't think anyone, except my close family, can truly understand what a miracle it is that I'm voluntarily doing regular exercise.

clare davies blog

I can't stress enough how much I HATE exercise. I walk if I have to and swim on holiday if the water is warm enough. That's it.

To me, going to a gym sounds like torture. So to find a class that I will go to each week, sometimes twice a week now, really is a miracle.

I've always loved music and dancing but am not very coordinated so dance classes have never appealed.

When a group from work suggested we try out a local Clubbercise class I thought I'd give it a go - a dance exercise class with glow sticks in the dark intrigued me.

I loved it. I went home that evening and surprised my husband and kids by saying I liked it and wanted to go again.

I'm still not very coordinated but I'm getting better.

It doesn't matter if you're fit or not, young or old, as long as you're moving and sweating who cares?

You're encouraged at whatever level you can do. Go for it. Give it a try. It's like being 21 again, on holiday in Ibiza but without the hangover. Brilliant fun!

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Clubbercise Continues to Expand at Virgin Active Thailand!

Our global #GlowTeam continues to grow as Virgin Active expand their Clubbercise offering across Thailand.

At the end of July our Australia-based Master Trainer Jade flew to Bangkok to train more instructors, this included employees from the newly opened Virgin Active club in Chiang Mai.

This marks our third visit to Thailand, the first training course took place in January 2016 and included instructors from Virgin Active Bangkok and Singapore. Since then, our clubbing workout has grown in popularity and there are now over 40 instructors certified to teach Clubbercise at Virgin Active across South East Asia.

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder and Brand Director says “It’s so exciting to see Clubbercise expanding globally. I was lucky enough to attend a class in Bangkok recently and the atmosphere was INCREDIBLE! Our training team have done a fantastic job translating the brand to the instructors over in East Asia and I'm looking forward to supporting our newest recruits on their Clubbercise journey”

The latest training course took place on 28 July at Virgin Active Siam Discovery, where 10 instructors were trained and assessed. The course was organised by our newest team member, David Lewis, ex-CEO of Les Mills Asia Pacific, whose role at Clubbercise was recently announced across industry press and media as he comes on board to help Clubbercise meet the huge demand for more Clubbercise classes in Australia and Asia. 

Bangkok 28July18




Guest blog: Teaching Clubbercise keeps Anxiety Sufferer Aleasha Glowing Strong

Aleasha’s Story: 

I started teaching Clubbercise in November 2016. I did the instructor training having never even taken a class! It was a huge risk, but I was so sure I would love everything about it. 18 months on I can say it's given me a purpose and completely changed my entire life.

Clubbercise Instructor Aleasha Wallace

It's a whole hour every day where I can be the person who never had anxiety or depression. I have days where I barely make it out of bed, but I don't ever dread teaching this class. It gets me out, moving and feeling exhilarated! As soon as that music starts, I am free to be the person I'm meant to be. People say it’s their happy hour and happy place, and for me I am most happiest when I am part of this amazing concept.

I can switch off and fully be myself in front of those ladies who look to me to inspire them. I get to help others by passing on my passion for dance. They get the first step on the ladder in fun, enjoyable fitness, which is incredible!

I’ve been able to find my voice and help others struggling with motivation to believe in themselves. I've seen many of my members drop insane amounts of lbs, or move a few rows forward, increasing in confidence, having been inspired by my own personal story.

This has given my life meaning and has been the making of me, particularly in helping those needing a breakthrough having "struggled and tried everything to lose unwanted weight and never seemed to get anywhere" or those who suffer with mental health issues and didn't know the benefits it has on your state of mind.

As a collective group we my class an I have raised over £4000 for mental health charities in our first year. As someone who is still suffering today, the cause is very close to my heart. I am so happy and proud that Clubbercise gave me this platform to do all of this.

When I thought about starting Clubbercise my aim was to do a job where I got to dance and have fun, and feel connected to people again. I have made whole new groups of like minded friends and so have many of my clubbers.

I don't teach anything other than Clubbercise yet… although it has opened up doors to an entirely new career for me. It's given me an income for the past 18 months to be able to quit my minimum wage full time waitress job, I am beyond lucky and grateful it has enabled me to travel, so far to Menorca, Hungary, Hawaii, LA and soon India!

However, the best bit is feeling like I am the best version of myself. When people get to see that, they too learn that they can achieve their goals. Mix that with singing, dancing, club atmosphere and endorphins and it just feels like I've gone on a night out with my closest friends 4 nights a week! I might ache after a new tracklist but there's never a hangover to be had. It's not just a job for me Clubbercise has MADE MY LIFE.

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Guest blog: Partners in clubbing!

Footballer Lee writes about experiencing his first Clubbercise class with his wife Lisa...

My wife a few years ago heard about Clubbercise in Nuneaton and decided to give it a go. Well two years later she has not looked back, she goes twice a week without fail. She lost 2 stone solely by going to Clubbercise and changing her diet (basically by cutting out junk food).

I'm keen on being fit. I play football and am part of a circuit training group but struggle to get there all the time due to work commitments.

One week I made a deal with my wife "you come to circuits with me and I’ll go to Clubbercise with you" and after completing my first Clubbercise class I was deeply surprised with the benefits.

Lee Walkinshaw and his partner

It was totally different to anything I have done before. Yeah ok the lights go out and you get the glow sticks out but this is just the fun part. For fat burning, cardio and intensity this is right up there!

All blokes should try this. To do something like this with a partner/wife is brilliant. Me and my wife have such a laugh and believe me when the lights go out and the music starts we give it 100% as we want to get the maximum out of it.

Definitely recommend it to everyone!

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