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Clubbercise goes down a storm at WellFest, Dublin

The wellness event of the year in Ireland returned to Dublin on 11th and 12th May 2019 and featured over 150 of the best health, fitness and wellness experts and brands from all over the world.

Australian fitness and yoga expert Amanda Bisk headlined the Saturday and Fearne Cotton (pictured below with the Clubbercise team) headlined the Sunday.

WellFest1 Web

It was the first time Clubbercise had appeared on the timetable and the sessions, presented by Sonique Smith and Scott James were packed out!

There were three Clubbercise classes each day on the Naked Juice stage with hundreds of people taking part, many of them experiencing Clubbercise for the first time.

Newbie Sarah said afterwards "Clubbercise was the highlight of my weekend, it reminded me of what exercise should be. Not something purely focused on aesthetics or performance... not something to punish your body. First and foremost it should be something fun. Clubbercise epitomizes this... It doesn't matter if you have two left feet (like me!) what matters is that you're moving in a way that invigorates your SOUL as well as your heart and your muscles!"

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Clubbercise founder heads to Australia for the Fitness Show & FILEX

BlogImage ClaireFILEX

In mid-April our founder Claire Burlison headed to Australia for the annual Sydney Fitness Show and FILEX convention.

Around 35,000 people from all over the world were there to check out the latest fitness trends and find out what's happening in the industry.

Claire was joined in Sydney by our Asia Pacific consultant David Lewis (former CEO of Les Mills).

After the event Claire headed to Perth to meet local instructors and take part in a Clubbercise class taught by Charlotte Carlton and Dan Bullen.

Claire says "I loved being back in Australia! David and I had lots of positive meetings with our fitness industry friends and I'm excited to see Clubbercise continue to expand across the country in 2019"


Bev's story: How I stayed fit during my pregnancy & lost the baby weight

Bev was attending regular Clubbercise classes when she became pregnant for the first time. Here she shares her experience of managing her clubbing as her bump grew and losing the baby weight after the birth.

Bev's Story: 

My first trip to a Clubbercise class was four years ago when my sister Grace, who is a 'This Girl Can' ambassador, talked me into joining her. After the first class, we were hooked and I've been clubbing ever since. I've been doing three classes a week for two years now.

Me and my partner decided to have a baby in 2018 and one of the first things that came into my mind was 'will I be able to carry on clubbing?!'. I'd worked so hard to build up my stamina and fitness levels, as well as my confidence and I was proud to always be up in the front row glowing hard, giving it my all. The thought of having to stop exercising and my body changing really scared me.

Thankfully my midwife and my instructors all said I was fine to continue my Clubbercise classes. I kept up with three classes a week until I was 34 weeks pregnant when I went down to two a week. I had to make a few tweaks like changing the angle of my high knees so I didn't kick myself but I was determined I would stay active and strong and have a fit pregnancy! 

I carried on clubbing right up to 39 weeks and amazingly as my bump got bigger, the rest of me got smaller!

Bev pregnancy journey social post and blog

Once I had given birth to my gorgeous little boy, I lost my baby weight within a week and had to go shopping for new clothes as I had actually dropped a jean and dress size! Now 11 weeks on I am back clubbing twice a week and I am the fittest and lightest I have been in my adult life.

On top of the health benefits I'd been reaping for years, the headspace that Clubbercise gave me was invaluable. Being pregnant was something that always terrified me and I didn't particularly enjoy it at times - some days I would be so overwhelmed and feel so emotional that getting out to class was the only thing that kept me sane.

I'd often go out feeling really low only to come home feeling much happier and in a much better frame of mind.

That's something I am still benefitting from, as a new mum - I'm sure others can relate that some days can be so challenging it's hard to see the light. I've spent many days just crying while holding my crying baby but getting out to wave my glow sticks and lose myself in the routines has been the best way to shake it off and gain perspective again, returning home with a refreshed smile!

I would never have thought I could have a baby, feel so good about my body AND lose weight but I honestly believe that staying active and keeping a healthy mental attitude throughout my pregnancy was the key.

I am forever thankful to Clubbercise for making what was such a scary prospect turn out to be so empowering!

IMPORTANT: If you're pregnant please consult a medical professional before attending a Clubbercise class. You can read the NHS 'Exercise in pregnancy' guidelines here.

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Instructor Freya helps Claudia & Tess complete Comic Relief danceathon

On 12th March Clubbercise instructor Freya Finnerty helped TV presenters Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly complete the longest EVER danceathon for Comic Relief!

The pair danced non-stop for 24 hours and 5 minutes and raised over £1 million for charity.

The danceathon was broadcast live on BBC Radio 2.

Various people dropped in to help Tess and Claudia with their epic challenge including Strictly's Katya Jones (pictured below with Freya), Sara Cox, Jeremy Vine, Rylan Clarke and Edith Bowman. 

FreyaKatya ComicReliefDanceathon Square

Freya says "The company I work for partner with Comic Relief and were looking for dance enthusiasts to help keep Claudia and Tess moving. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share the Clubber love and dance with some super-cool people."

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