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Guest blog: Partners in clubbing!

Footballer Lee writes about experiencing his first Clubbercise class with his wife Lisa...

My wife a few years ago heard about Clubbercise in Nuneaton and decided to give it a go. Well two years later she has not looked back, she goes twice a week without fail. She lost 2 stone solely by going to Clubbercise and changing her diet (basically by cutting out junk food).

I'm keen on being fit. I play football and am part of a circuit training group but struggle to get there all the time due to work commitments.

One week I made a deal with my wife "you come to circuits with me and I’ll go to Clubbercise with you" and after completing my first Clubbercise class I was deeply surprised with the benefits.

Lee Walkinshaw and his partner

It was totally different to anything I have done before. Yeah ok the lights go out and you get the glow sticks out but this is just the fun part. For fat burning, cardio and intensity this is right up there!

All blokes should try this. To do something like this with a partner/wife is brilliant. Me and my wife have such a laugh and believe me when the lights go out and the music starts we give it 100% as we want to get the maximum out of it.

Definitely recommend it to everyone!

Meet our 2017 Hero Instructors


Charity Hero CAROLINE SOUTHCOAT (Hull and East Riding)

HeroInstructor2017 CarolinePhoto

Neon Hero MARIE TUR (Northampton)

HeroInstructor2017 MariePhoto

Community Hero SAMANTHA WALSH (East Sussex)

HeroInstructor2017 SamanthaPhoto

Motivational Hero RICHARD TITTENSOR (Brighton)

Hero Rich

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder and Brand Director said “The Hero Instructor awards was created as a way for participants to recognise their local instructors. We had a really tough time picking the winners because the nominations were so strong, our instructors are changing lives in so many ways! I’m proud to have so many #GlowHeroes out there representing Clubbercise”

Winners were selected partly based on the number of nominations and also on the inspiring stories their Clubbers shared.

Each Hero Instructor received a trophy, along with a prize package that includes Clubbercise and Tikiboo clothing and goodies.



Corrie's Story: My mental health journey

I have been under the care of mental health services for 14 years - 4 years ago I was admitted to hospital and spent 11 months there - during that time the staff did everything to try to encourage me to exercise, saying that it would improve my mental health and that I desperately needed to for my physical health (I was very overweight due to an eating disorder).

I was escorted by staff on walks and even had my key worker take me to exercise classes but I hated every single minute and resented feeling forced, as soon
as I was discharged I went back to doing nothing active whatsoever.

Cue 2 years later, I had started volunteering and my boss from voluntary work text me saying that a friend of hers had set up a new exercise class and that I had to come along.

I said I couldn't imagine anything worse but she insisted and said it'd be fine as she hated exercise too, was completely uncoordinated but that it was in the dark with glow sticks so we'd be fine! I only went because she insisted and I didn't want to feel left out of the group going.

I FELL IN LOVE. I honestly don't know what made the difference - probably being with friends, it being music I love, the dark, the glow sticks and being in a bit of a better place (still quite unwell though).

I've been going to that Clubbercise class on a Friday for over a year now and in that time I've started going to another one that the same instructors opened on a Thursday...

I've not looked back - I go to two Clubbercise classes a week (I'd go to more if there were more locally) and average 15,000 steps a day. I hate missing a class - it genuinely is my happy place each day. Not only has my physical health dramatically improved, I've lost 3 stone this year (which adds up to 12 stone 5lbs lost since my highest weight in 2010) but I've also made friends and my mental health is the most stable it has ever been.

  • I was discharged from mental health services in June!
  • I haven't been to A&E for self harm/overdoses in months
  • My bipolar has been the most stable it's been in years - when I do have ups or downs they're manageable and my eating disorder is improving daily

I can't believe the changes in myself and I do put walking into that Clubbercise class as one of my biggest turning points!

We would like to thank Corrie for sharing her inspirational story with us.

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Meet our 2016 Hero Instructors

To show our instructors some love for all their hard work and dedication throughout 2016, we launched a Facebook competition for Clubbers (class participants) to nominate their ‘Hero Instructor’.

With over 1,500 nominations on Facebook it was a tough job for the judging team at Clubbercise HQ to pick the winners.

Sonique, Clubbercise Lead Master Trainer said, “Almost every nomination came with a touching story about how much their instructor has impacted their life. Themes we saw forming were boundless energy, caring and supportive, always positive and, of course, inspiring people to move and dance confidently and feel fab.”

The final 5 winners were selected partly based on the number of votes and also on the inspiring stories their Clubbers shared with us.


• Denise Branford, Norwich Class page / Facebook page
• George de Rosa, Hyndburn / Accrington Class page / Facebook page
• Hana Weekes, Witney and Carterton Class page / Facebook page  
• Nicola McAleenan, Motherwell & Bellshill Class page / Facebook page
• Paul Morgan Trumper, Blackpool Class page / Facebook page

Clubbercise Hero Instructors 2016 Winners

The prize package for winning instructors includes a 3 day pass to one of the most prestigious events in the group-fitness calendar; the 2017 International Fitness Showcase, plus they win choreography created to a track of their choice, and a trophy (pictured.)

Clubbercise would like to thank all instructors for their effort and dedication in running successful Clubbercise classes.

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