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Instructor Training

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Clubbercise® instructor training launched in 2014 and there are now thousands of classes worldwide.

What’s covered on the course?

  • Introduction to the Clubbercise brand
  • Clubbercise Masterclass
  • Guide to setting up & running successful classes
  • Clubbercise Teaching Model
  • Clubbercise Choreography
  • How to access choreography & music
  • Advice on launching & promoting classes
  • Health & Safety considerations


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Sport England funding

Instructors planning to teach Clubbercise in England could be eligible for funding via the EMD bursary. Find out more.

When you (or your instructor) has passed the course and signed up to the Clubbercise Licence you get:


  • Access to at least 2 classes worth of online choreography straight away
  • 5 brand new routines every month (included in the licence fee)
  • Plus the option to purchase routines from our back catalogue (priced at £2 each)


£24 worth of FitMixPro music credits straight away and then £24 worth of FitMixPro music credits every three months.


  • Class listings on clubbercise.com
  • A personalised web page on clubbercise.com
  • Customisable marketing materials for print
  • Social media marketing materials (regularly updated)


  • Exclusive access to buy official Clubbercise LED glow sticks
  • 15% off Clubbercise clothing and accessories. 


  • Access to our online Members' Area
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook support group
  • One-to-one support from a Clubbercise Mentor or Account Manager


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Licence fee payment options

Pay monthly - £18/AU$29 (incl. tax) per month. You’re not tied into a contract and can stop at any time.

Pre-pay annually and get one month free - £198/AU$319 (incl. tax) per year (non-refundable).

Are you from a gym, fitness centre or dance studio?

Find out about our Venue Licence 

Qualifications required to train with us

You need to hold one of our recognised qualifications in order to be accepted onto the Clubbercise training course.

Acceptable qualifications - UK & Ireland

Acceptable qualifications - Australia

If you're based outside these countries please email details of your dance/sport/fitness qualifications to team@clubbercise.com before booking the course.

CPD points

Our course is worth 6 REPs points and 7 Fitness Australia CECs.

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Got another question?

Check our FAQ page.  

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