Guest blog: Teaching Clubbercise keeps Anxiety Sufferer Aleasha Glowing Strong


Aleasha’s Story: 

Clubbercise is a whole hour almost every day where I can be the person who never had anxiety or depression. I used to have days where I barely made it out of bed, but Clubbercise got me out, moving and feeling exhilarated!

As soon as that music starts, I am free to be the person I'm meant to be. 

I’ve been able to find my voice and help others struggling with motivation to believe in themselves. I've seen many of my members drop insane amounts of lbs, or move a few rows forward, increasing in confidence, having been inspired by my own personal story.

I started teaching Clubbercise in November 2016. I did the instructor training having never even taken a class! It was a huge risk, but I was so sure I would love everything about it. Now I can say it's given me a purpose and completely changed my entire life.

I put most of what little savings I had towards equipment and all my set up costs and in the first month I’d already covered my start-up costs and made a profit! 

There was a huge buzz and demand in the area so much so that I went from 2 classes a week to 6 classes a week. Because of the expansion I was able to cut down to part-time at work and eventually in March 2018 I quit altogether and Clubbercise became my main source of income.

I still have people who have been with me since the first ever class. And I have a good 60% return rate per year, which leaves 40% for newbies and means the business continues to grow.

The third year has been the busiest with no obvious drops in numbers over the school holidays. I’ve worked hard on marketing, exceptional customer service, looking after my loyal crew and getting feedback from my customers and making sure people are still loving and enjoying what we do just as much as they did the first time they came.

The financial benefits have been unreal! I am looking into buying a new build house by myself. I've travelled to India, Hawaii, LA and Hungary and I'm heading off on dream adventures to the Maldives and Bali soon. I travel solo embracing the strong independent woman I’ve become.

My mental health struggles are so far behind me and I can now help others find a way through it.

The best things are on the other side of risk and fear. Clubbercise not only lets me be who I truly am right now, it's opened doors to a bright and incredibly positive future for myself and my crew. I couldn’t be more grateful.

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