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Kids Combo Q&A: Mel James

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Mel became a Clubbercise instructor back in 2015 and did the Kids Combo course in 2017.

What kids/teens classes do you teach?

I have well attended monthly Family Clubbercise sessions (between 40-80 people depending on the month).

I run sessions for groups of Brownies and Guides, in November alone I had 10 of these sessions!

I do regular birthday parties.

I’m often in schools for PE sessions, mostly primary/middle as that’s where the funding is. Termly, I run funded sessions for over 200 teenage girls. I work with school PTA groups running fundraising sessions for them, usually at least one a month. I also get invited into schools to do sessions to celebrate various accomplishments.

What's it like teaching young people?

Teaching Clubbercise to kids and teens has a different vibe to adults. You need to be adaptable and feed off their energy, for example go straight into a game if you sense them flagging or overheating, but it’s just as crazy and fun!

In Family Clubbercise I use tunes that suit all ages and lots of interaction between the parents and kids.

In U13 and U18 I mainly use pop songs.

How much do you charge?

I’m based Newcastle so there are lots of other clubs/activities competing in the area. My average prices are:

Family Clubbercise - £4 per person
Birthday parties - £100
School session - £40
Brownies/Guides session - £30

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