Family, U13 & U18 Clubbercise

Family Clubbercise Pic

The minimum age for regular Clubbercise classes is 16+, so we've created Family, U13 & U18 Clubbercise to get the younger generations glowing too! 

Family Clubbercise

  • Exclusively for parents/carers/family friends and their children age 7+
  • The music is a mix of party anthems from the 90’s to the latest hits
  • A fun and social way for families to get fitter together
  • Perfect solution for anyone with childcare issues

U13 Clubbercise

  • Exclusively for 7-12 year olds
  • Set to a playlist of kids’ favourite dance and pop hits
  • A fun, social and creative way for children to be active
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds friendships
  • Improves coordination

U18 Clubbercise

  • Exclusively for 11-17 year olds
  • Teen-friendly playlist of recent dance, pop and urban hits
  • Effective workout that’s fun not boring
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds friendships
  • Improves coordination
  • Provides a great way to relieve stress from exams etc.
  • Provides somewhere safe to hang out

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