Clubbercise Combat+Tone

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Combat+Tone is for people who prefer less dance-based workouts and more punching, kicking, jumping, squatting and lunging!

Like Clubbercise, it's taught in a darkened room with glow sticks and set to a soundtrack of the biggest club anthems from the 90s to the latest hits.

Clubbercise Combat+Tone classes can be offered by themselves or as an add-on, after the original Clubbercise class. Offered by themselves the classes should last 30-45 minutes and as an add-on they should last around 30 minutes.


  1. Non-Clubbercise participants who like the idea of a less dance-based workout and enjoy combat/toning workouts
  2. Existing Clubbercise participants who want to add another style of workout to their current routine
  3. Existing Clubbercise participants who like the idea of taking Clubbercise Combat+Tone as an add-on class for the extra fitness benefits

How to launch Combat+Tone if you're already an instructor
All you need to do is review and apply the Clubbercise Combat+Tone Class Components which can be found in your Members' Area. There's no additional training course and no extra licence fees to pay.

How to launch Combat+Tone if you're not a Clubbercise instructor
First, you'll need to complete the original Clubbercise instructor training course and set up your Clubbercise licence. Once your licence is activated there are no extra fees for launching Clubbercise Combat+Tone. For more information on becoming an instructor, please visit this web page.

How to launch Combat+Tone if you already hold a Clubbercise Venue Licence
Please ask your existing instructor(s) if they're up for teaching Combat+Tone classes for you. If not, contact us and we'll check if there are other licensed instructors in your area. Please note that there are no extra training or licensing fees for launching Clubbercise Combat+Tone.

How to launch Combat+Tone if you're from a venue/gym/studio and don't currently hold a Clubbercise licence
Please contact us and we'll be in touch.



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