Meet Racheal: A nurse who loved classes so much she became an instructor!

 Racheal and her Clubbers

In my 20s and 30s exercise was not on my radar at all.

I had tried a few things but nothing was enjoyable and besides, I was a nurse, on my feet all day - that was enough exercise right?

And after being overweight most of my life I'd got myself down to a sensible weight without doing any exercise at all. I kidded myself that was enough.

After turning 40 though I realised that I should probably start doing some form of regular exercise to keep healthy.

A work colleague asked me if I wanted to go to a local Clubbercise class with her and I found myself saying yes even though I'd never heard of it.

An exercise class taught in the dark with disco lights and glow sticks and a playlist of my favourite music - I was intrigued!!

I was so nervous for that first class but the instructor was really lovely and after we had got our glowsticks we made our way to the back of the room.

I remember watching the instructor on stage and thinking; 'what is that crazy woman doing?!'

I was so uncoordinated and completely out of time but I loved every minute!

The music was so uplifting and no-one could see my bright red face! My love of music kept me going back week after week and I realised that you can learn coordination.

Six months later the instructor moved out of the area and it was a few months before someone else took over but I was back as soon as classes started again and raring to go.

That was nearly 7 years ago and Clubbercise has become a huge part of my life. I've moved from the back to the front of the class and become great friends with the instructor and some of the other regulars.

During the pandemic I did online classes. Working as a nurse at that time was tough but doing Clubbercise helped me mentally and kept me sane.

In September 2021 my instructor asked me if I would think about becoming an instructor myself.

Initially I thanked her for the compliment but said there was no way I could get up on stage in front of all those people and lead them.

But, she planted a seed and the more I thought about it the more I thought; 'I could do this!'.

A year later I did my online training.

The first time I got up on that stage to take a class I was so nervous I felt sick, this was hugely out of my comfort zone. But, once the music started those nerves dissipated and I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.

One year on and I've just celebrated my first 'Clubberversary'.

Classes are going really well and I've introduced Clubbercise to a lot of people who had never heard of it before.

I am now that 'crazy woman'! I couldn't have done it without my 'Clubberfam' though - in them I have found a tribe so strong and supportive.

My mission now is simple - I just want everyone to love Clubbercise like I do!

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