Clubbercise lights up orphaned childrens’ lives in Kenya!

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Clubbercise Instructor Wendy Foster last went to Kenya in January 2020 and was due to go again in March but the trip was cancelled due to COVID-19, here's her story...

My motivation to take my Clubbercise skills to Kenya came from my Master Trainer Sonique who I owe a massive thank you! I knew when she started showing us all the moves during the training course for Family, U13 and U18 Clubbercise I could picture the kids in Kenya being really excited.

I spent 3 years living in Kenya while working as a Volunteer Service Overseas Project Advisor in the rural poverty areas and now I go back to visit in my holiday time. I take out resources to a poor school in the Mombasa area and orphanage in the Samburu area. These are projects tourists do not know about and are off the beaten track. When I am there I love to do activities with them as they just love learning new things.

Despite the lack of food, clothes, poor living conditions and lack of money the people live with hope each day. I do believe that music and dance keeps them going not matter what age 24/7. That's why I couldn't wait to try out my Clubbercise with the kids.

There is little or no light in Kenya especially in the really rural areas where my two projects are based.

You can imagine the children's faces when I gave them the Clubbercise glow sticks and they not only lit up but flashed as well!

The adrenaline in each of the children was unreal and it took a while for them to take in what they had in their hands. It was as if I had given them each a piece of gold!

I had bought out a small music system with me and a range of Clubbercise music. Being outside just made it even more magic with the warm heat even in the early evening. As soon as I put the music on they were ready to dance. I could not believe how quickly they learnt the moves and could remember the routines. They especially liked the tunes they could shout "Whoop Whoop" to and soon crowds started to gather.

Their glow sticks shined a light for them to get back to their homes and they put them safely under their pillows until I came back again.

Their glow sticks shined a light for them to get back to their homes and they put them safely under their pillows until I came back again.

At the children's orphanage group I found the boys were particularly into Clubbercise and eager to learn the routines. There is also a little girl called Olivia who always tries to teach me traditional African dancing and I could see her being an awesome Clubbercise Instructor. 

The children did a display for their carers and key community workers and soon the village was all talking about Clubbercise! The orphanage is in Northern Kenya at a place called Archers Post where there are Samburu tribes. Their cultural dance is similar to the Masai who wear red clothing, lots of beads and jump up and down with their arrows. Now they know about Clubbercise! 

When I walked back to my lodgings through the dark and desolate area I could see the children shining their glow sticks in the distance and hear their happy laughter. These 20 children in the orphanage are so close like one big family and support each other through good and bad days. I now hear that they use the Clubbercise to give them a lift when they are feeling particularly down and unhappy.

I just cannot wait to get back out there again to dance with them. Although I obviously cannot charge these people as they would not be able to pay for it the time they give me is priceless! Clubbercise unites us all.

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