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Clubbercise on demand

Our live Clubbercise classes are pretty special BUT what if there isn't one in your area or the timings don't work for you?

You can now get a new on demand Clubbercise experience online at TV.FIT.

We've created a unique and exciting twist on the original Clubbercise class concept.

There are 4 x 30 minute workouts that mix street dance with aerobics and have high/low options to suit all fitness levels.

DJ AFISHAL provides live music and crazy beats, bringing the party straight to your home.


TV.FIT are giving you 10% off their monthly subscription, saving you a little money and giving you access to our unique online experience!

Use the code CLUB10 to get involved.


Watch a taster video below... 

TV.FIT is a world-leading fitness and mental health app. With over 150 workouts, TV.FIT has something for everyone.

Believing in fitness for the body and fitness for the mind, we couldn't think of a better team to bring you Clubbercise Online!

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