Meet Michelle: "At 51 I’ve found my fit fam and I’m never going back"

Michelle enjoying Clubbercise with Sallyann

Eight years ago I walked into the back room of a local social club not knowing what to expect, I mean dancing in the dark sounded fun so why not? That’s where my Clubbercise journey began and I’ve never looked back.

Then two years ago, my daughter (who was 11 at the time) was admitted to hospital with an eating disorder. Since then she's suffered with severe anxiety and depression as well as her being autistic.

Life has been tough in the last couple of years and my mental health has suffered but I truly believe it is going to class that has kept me sane.

My instructor Sallyann is amazing! She is supportive, fun and always full of so much energy it’s infectious. I’ve met some lovely friends through going to class and we are truly a ‘fit fam’.

I still have really rough weeks at home but when I get to class and the music starts all the stress disappears.

I can sing and dance to my hearts' content and like Sallyann says "You're 18, you're single and you're in Ibiza" and that’s exactly how it feels!

I now go twice a week to Clubbercise and do Sallyanns classes on the other nights.The feeling's addictive.

At 51 I feel I’ve found my fit fam and I’m never going back.


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