Q&A with Sonya Sachse, GF Studio, Queensland

SonyaSachse Queensland Australia

Sonya owns GF Studio on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and trained in June 2018.

What made you decide to take the training?

I was looking to open my own studio and needed a dance-based class and I saw Clubbercise on Facebook and instantly loved it!

Where did you take your training and how did you find the experience?

I did my training on the Gold Coast, it was fantastic - I was out of my comfort zone like most trainees there but loved every minute 

What impact has Clubbercise had on your participants?

OMG so much!! They love it and feel awesome every time, especially during our 3 month lockdown in 2020.

How have you adapted to the situation around the pandemic?

We were only out of action for 3 months but I did and continue to do online classes for those who didn’t feel like they could come back to the gym.

What are your plans for Clubbercise in 2021?

As I run my own gym, I will continue to build numbers and members. I am also getting an instructor trained so she can teach classes for me.

What would you say are the biggest benefits of Clubbercise for you?

It adds a different class to my timetable than all the other gyms in my area. I also encourage people to join just for Clubbercise classes.

Fitness-wise it’s a fantastic cardio class - high or low impact that ANYONE can do. 

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