Q&A with instructor Julie Jones, Melbourne, Australia

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Julie runs HiVibe Fitness and is based in Melbourne, Australia. She trained as a Clubbercise instructor in June 2020.

How did you find the online training experience?

Inspirational, fun and informative. Sonique and Sharon covered so much at an easy pace and were available to answer questions, you could tell that they both love Clubbercise and what it represents.

When did you launch Clubbercise?

I launched my classes in 2020.

How have your classes progressed since then?

Numbers have remained steady and clients are dedicated, my oldest client Sandra is 74 and hasn't missed a class yet!

What impact has Clubbercise had on your participants?

Here are some of the quotes they've sent me:

"OMG that was EPIC! It's right up my alley... And I smashed my steps too"
"I loved the music and the routines, they weren't overly complicated but I still burnt heaps of calories!"
"I felt strong and inspired, thank you"

What are your future plans for Clubbercise?

To expand Clubbercise into our community, I'll be looking at local events and approaching some larger gyms to see if they would like to try the class.

What would you say are the biggest benefits of Clubbercise?

From a business perspective, it has broadened my client base and I'm greatly thankful for all the social media and marketing materials available, such a fantastic resource. As a fitness concept, this class can reach a wide age and fitness ability which is amazing. Moving your body in different ways is fun and entertaining, and the amount of steps we all accumulate is wonderful!

What would you say to someone thinking about taking the training?

YES! YES! Why wouldn't you want to spread the joy, energy and colour? Life doesn't need to be dull.

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