2021 fitness trends

One of the biggest fitness trends for 2021 is workouts that improve both physical and mental health. This is mainly due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past, the body and mind have generally been catered for separately but multiple studies have shown that physical activity reduces stress, anxiety and depression. 

We carried out our own survey during the first UK lockdown and a massive 97% of respondents said that doing online dance fitness classes had improved their mental health, with 84% of them describing the improvement as reasonable or significant.

Rosina says "Somebody took me to Clubbercise as an attempt to help with my depression. I was terrified, I had no self-confidence and loathed exercise... After the first hour I was hooked! I quickly went from one class a week to attending all the classes on offer. I've fallen in love with fitness and I've also lost 4 stone. I've had a huge confidence boost and forged some amazing friendships... I've finally found somewhere I belong!" 

Clubbercise is more than just a dance class... Participants are taken on a physical and mental journey via the mix of music and movements.

A typical Clubbercise class playlist will include:

  • A warm-up track that sets the tone for the workout and gets people in the right mindset 
  • A mix of uplifting music that spans different decades, from the 90's to the latest hits
  • A mix of different music styles, offering something for everyone
  • Tracks designed to bring back happy memories (e.g. clubbing as a teenager)
  • Tracks that create a connection between participants 
  • One or two stress-busting tracks featuring combat moves
  • A cool down / stretch track that leaves people on a high (one of our class faves is The Source ft Candi Staton, You Got The Love)

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