Survey proves dance fitness has improved mental health during lockdown

A recent survey we conducted has shown that taking part in online dance fitness classes like Clubbercise regularly is helping people cope with the mental health challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis.

Over 1,000 people responded to the survey which was circulated to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (18th-25th May). 91% of them said that the coronavirus situation had negatively affected their mental health.

97% of respondents said that dance fitness classes had improved their mental health and a whopping 84% said it had a reasonable or significant impact.

The majority of people who took part in the survey have been attending two or more online dance fitness classes a week.

The most common mental health conditions the respondents have been battling are anxiety (68%), stress (67%), and depression (46%).

Survey respondents were asked to identify the main reasons why they believe Clubbercise and other dance fitness classes have improved their mental health. At the top of the list were: the combination of dancing, music and exercise; the element of fun; the chance to get some 'me time' away from everything and the chance to virtually socialise with people outside the home.

Karen, who’s working from home whilst home-schooling her two children (one with special needs) said “My mental health has suffered a lot since the lockdown, I’ve had awful panic attacks. Since starting online Clubbercise classes I feel better, calmer and haven't had any more panic attacks.” While Helen, a nurse, said “As you can imagine work isn't the best place to be at the moment. However, doing Clubbercise makes me feel alive again.”

Perhaps signaling a change in the population’s approach to wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak, 16% of respondents said they had not participated in face-to-face classes before lockdown and were completely new to dance fitness classes.

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder & Brand Director says “The results of this survey are just incredible and I’m really happy that we’ve been able to take our classes online. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Clubbercise to reach more people around the world, improving both their physical and mental health during this difficult time and beyond…”

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