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Hello, my name is Katie Sargent and I want to share my fitness journey with you, from my first Clubbercise steps to becoming an instructor.


It all started with seeing my local fitness group performing in the town centre at the Christmas light switch on. I know then that I wanted to be a part of this but my journey has not been all plan sailing. 

My first Zumba class was back in January 2015,  I was the girl, new to the area who slipped in and out of the back of the class. My confidence was very low and I was extremely unfit.  I enjoyed the dancing, it lifted me and made me laugh and smile.  Michelle, the class instructor, was super friendly and welcoming, as were the other ladies who attended the classes. After several months I had a whole new circle of friends and started to find a new me when I Zumba'd. Such was the enjoyment and the fun with new found friends by the end of the year I was attending 5 times a week.


My fitness levels improved, to my surprise my confidence levels rocketed and the exercise benefits were showing in my weight and physique.


As my confidence grew I became more involved in the classes often practicing new routines and joining in on stage with Michelle and some of the other ladies.


From summer 2016 brought a whole new me, Michelle my Zumba instructor was on holiday and together we decided we would try a few other classes and Clubbercise was one of them we both attended Lisa Hillers class in Bedford and both of us came out so inspired that we too wanted to go on this new adventure and in June I became a Clubbercise instructor.  I shared the class lead with Michelle and found a whole new confidence level in myself.  I was now far beyond the girl sneaking in at the back of my first Zumba class!! 


Clubbercise has given me so much the confidence to teach such a large number of students amd being able to instruct through a microphone, we recently was part of a charity clubberthon it was amazing and have another one booked in for 2017. 


From the clubbercise launch I moved on to train as one of the first Strong by Zumba instructors in the county, have lead our Town Centre Christmas light switch on with the Zumba crew, and now cover all of Michelle's Zumba classes whilst she is out on maternity leave.


Never did I imagine that I would achieve so much in such a short space of time and become an instructor leading classes for over 9 hours per week.



My Zumba journey has changed my whole outlook on life.  Following a Pro Points challenge with a Zumba friend alongside my exercise I am now 2 stones lighter with a new body that I only used to dream of, I have strength, stamina and my old body fat has transformed to muscle.



My Zumba journey continues and has helped me through some difficult personal issues towards the end of 2016.  The doctor advised me to continue with Zumba replacing medication, as endorphins released during exercise lift your mood better than any drug he could give me!


Whilst I am on stage or attending classes the feeling I get is amazing, I feel on top of the world with such a buzz and I have managed to come out the other side of my illness a stronger person without the use of any medication.

Now I want to inspire others to join me and reap all the benefits I have seen from this amazing dance exercise.

I love teaching Clubbercise classes and  every class feels like a party!

Come join me and you'll see what I mean. You don't have to be a dancer, just come ready to learn and follow my lead. It's easy!!

Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you!!



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